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Why Company Website should use Java/JSP?

The implementing curve is quite high with Java, but it is super powerful.

Java Is Safe

Java has great support for exceptions, or issues that occur during runtime. These exceptions disallow hackers and malicious code from causing an issue on the system level. Any of these unsafe operations are thrown by the JVM and unless the programmer specifies how to handle the error differently, the program crashes, but an illegal operation RARELY causes an issue.

Java Runs Everywhere

Java is compiled and iterpreted, and what does that mean? Well, first, Java is compiled. Like C++, Java is compiled (translated from human-readable code into computer-understood code), but unlike other languages, it is not compiled into 1's and 0's, but it is instead compiled into a code called bytecode. Bytecode cannot be run directly on the computer, so the bytecode is interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM reads the bytecode and then the appropriate machine code is executed. This allows for code compiled on any Operating System like Linux to be executed on any other operating system like Windows or Mac. Any machine that can run a Java Vitual Machine can run Java.

Java Is Simple

When I say that is is simple, I do not mean easy. I mean that many complex unecessary stuff that exists in C and C++ is now managed by the JVM and the programmer does not have to worry about that stuff anymore. All this "complex stuff" consists of direct memory manipulation, which involves making space for a variable, doing stuff in that memory space, and then removing it when finished. That's called Garbage Collection, in case you wanted to know.

Java is Object Oriented

Java has an extraordinary strength when it comes to programming style and structure. The requirement for all Java code to conform to Object Oriented Standards is one of the defining traits of the language, but it also is quite intimidating for beginners. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is the idea that a program can be broken up into "objects" and those objects have their own attributes and methods which define them. I go into detail in a later tutorial, because it is too complex to solely explain here. Needless to say, OOP reuses code more efficiently than non-OOP languages like C, and it provides more robust solutions to problems.

Java and the Internet

Java technology is made for the web. In the mid-1990's Java technology was first integrated into browsers in the form of Applets, which are little, built in Java programs. Now, Java still remains popular on the web through Java Servlets, JSP, and Java Web Start. Regardless of the technology, Java is truly made for the web, however, also in previous years, Java has progressed to being one of the most widely used programming languages of the day.
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